25 Lighthouse ~ Pilot

Man Behind the Mirror




Feature Films
Vacance ~ Drama
A mother and daughter from Chicago are on a vacation across the border, that turns horribly wrong before it gets started.

Beat the Clock
"How many times can you go back before running out of time?"

Ice Dancer ~ Family Drama
Mei-Ling, a determined 10 year old girl from Harlem, has dreams of becoming an Ice Dancer.  In this world of ice we see the difficulties of young girls and boys in their struggle to reach the top.  We watch Mei-Ling and her family as they are faced with the reality of not being able to fit into this cold and ambitious world of ice skating.  Mei-Ling warms our hearts as she attemps to bring her own unique style of dance to the ice. 

Man Behind the Mirror ~ Drama 
An anguished mother struggles to find her young kidnapped daughter.  Her child is taken while on a father, daughter outing. She pursues the kidnappers through the twisted and dangerous maze of Europe's underbelly in search of her child.  She must find her before time and a police chief's patience runs out.

Love and Laughter ~ Comedy
A young impressionable 19 year old on summer break after her freshman year in college discovers love and a lot of humor while back packing through Senegal, West Africa with her best friend.

Tongues of Fire ~ Drama
The story of Kyra Hicks a brazen 16 year old fighting to break free of a strict father and her sheltered home life.  She discovers a world of seduction and crime, and struggles to hold on to her innocence.