Minnie the Moocher

Upbeat Dancer



America's Unsung 

A one-hour documentary film based on the contributions of countless African-American men and women politically involved in many of America's cities and their  rise to national prominence in the late sixties.  For the most part, the names of these individuals cannot be found in sizeable entries listed inside thick volumes of reference books, text book, or numerous Internet web sites pertaining to African-American History.  In some cases, their names are cited in footnotes, or not at all.

Clevelands Unsung

Civil service workers serving as city commissioners, local businessmen, administrators in city hall, and elected city councilmen.  This documentary reveals another side of Cleveland's history through the actual words of people behind-the-scenes who were essential part of the story.

Native American Theatre

Native American performances are indigenous to this continent and deserve a place in American theatre history.  This documentary educates and celebrates their culture through their theatre performances dating back to the Pilgrams.

Leave My Child Behind

A harsh look at the "Leave No Child Behind" program in the American educational system as viewed through a parents eyes.  We examine a system that has left many children abandoned, unprepared and unable to keep up with this generations scholars and work force after high school.  "Leave My Child Behind" explores other options available to students and their families during their high school years to help them obtain an education equal to and in many ways surpassing many educational programs in the world today.  We follow one families journey into the extremely competitive world of education, as they seek a better education for their child.

Music of the 50's, 60's 70's

This documentary begins by turning  back the rock n' roll clock to the early days of a musical odyssey.  One such television show  first known as, "The Big Five Show," which was broadcast in 1964 from WEWS Channel 5 in Cleveland, Ohio.  Within a year, the nation's first integrated rock and roll musical variety television show was renamed, "The Upbeat Show," airing in 100 cities across the country until 1971.

Unlike the lip-sync performances on American Bandstand, The Upbeat Show featured big name acts and up-and-coming artists who performed live with their bands, as well as the studio's in-house Upbeat Band.  All shows were produced in the WEWS Channel 5 studio by Herman Spero.  Shot every Saturday afternoon  before a live audience who experienced firsthand the big name bands and Upbeat dancers who where choreographed by "Maurice Hank Nystrom."  The dancers had the distinction of being the first integrated dancers on a nationally syndicated television show and were nationally known as the The Upbeat Show Dancers.

The documentary also is a lead into a live-concert celebrating some of the most memorable Upbeat Show performances by the original acts.

The Legends / Footprints 

The Legends / Footprints  is a documentary series based on American Music, Theater, and Who's Who in American History and the cities that inspired them.