Minnie the Moocher

Upbeat Dancer


The Story of Minnie the Moocher

Jeni LeGon is famous throughout the world but barely recognized in the United States.  Jeni is the first African American woman to sign an extended contract with a major studio. Jeni's past successes have served as an inspiration to young dancers and actors and her current vitality and zest for life is motivational for the older generation.  When viewed on the grande screen the audience learns her inspiring eyewitness account of the real history of America's film and stage.  They explore the world through her memories, in a breath taking visual of song and dance.  Jeni is captivating from Chicago to Los Angeles, and spectacular on her world wind tour through Europe wowing the world as the "Sepia Girl".

On stage The Story of Minnie the Moocher  "the play" is a true gem based on her magical journey through the world of entertainment.  Explosive in color, movement and sound, this stage production recreates many of her film and theater performances in black and white, sepia and color.  The audience is swept up in the excitement as the actors tap and sing their way from the 1930's through the 50's.  

Watch the Jeni LeGon short documentary below for a short trip back to an era long past.